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About Me


Priscilla Novani is an entrepreneur, (song)writer, singer, spontaneous traveler, dreamer, late-night talker and occasional over-achiever. She is passionate in building young people, music, design as well as. She currently lives in Jakarta

She studies Communication as a major and landed a position as a Marketing Public Relation in Trans TV as her first after-college job. Since then, she has done lots of end-to-end design projects with Kompas Gramedia, Bintang Toedjoe as well as lots of international brands such as Ducati and Lamborghini. Her passion in music is displayed in her involvement in JPCC Worship as Worship Leader as well as songwriter.

Early 2014, Priscilla was introduced to something that will become her next passion: Airwheel. Through an unexpected journey, she is known as the founder of Airwheel Indonesia. She is now doing what she loves, as always: building a company, travelling, training people, and showing-off her new yellow Airwheel.


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